Remember Your Manners :)

by Melnik, Jan Friday, July 15, 2011
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Don’t forget to say “thank you.” It matters more than you may think - especially in job search.

According to a brief in the June 2, 2011, issue of Human Resource Executive, “More than one in five (22%) of 2,878 hiring managers surveyed say they are less likely to hire a candidate if he or she fails to send a thank-you note after an interview.” (Data source:, Chicago)

Mom was right. Courtesy does make a difference and can have a tremendous impact on the entire hiring cycle. Furthermore, a thank-you note that goes beyond simply expressing appreciation for the interview can be a very powerful tool in your career-search arsenal. Use it to amplify key points, reiterate positioning you might have felt you were weak on, bolster responses to queries you faltered on, and generally reinforce the strong fit and value-add you can deliver! It’s one of the very best means by which you can solidify your candidacy.

Ideally, send your thank-you (email, most frequently, because it allows you to convey far more than the requisite thanks that a typical note would just barely accommodate) same day if at all possible or next morning at the latest. Absolutely customize the content to the experience - and send everyone on the interviewing team a different message. Do this for subsequent interviews as well! More times than I can count, clients have shared with me this made the difference in the hiring decision, tipping the scales in their direction.